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Unique Wedding Invitations

Chocolates for Weddings

Weddings are such an important occasion for everyone involved. No just the bride and the groom, their friends and family and all loved ones participate in a host of events and celebrations to make the entire occasion memorable. These days when people are growing further apart weddings are often give one an occasion to reconnect with old friends and family memorable. All in all weddings are about fun, family , laughter, teasing, food and gossip and lots of love! At ChocoCraft we realize

how important your wedding is to you and we have a number of ways to make it extra special with chocolate.

Beautiful Wedding invitations

Delight your guests with these beautiful wedding invitations. We make beautiful printed chocolates for wedding invitations. These can have the names of the bride and the groom. If you have a theme for your wedding the chocolates can bear the same design. Or you can mark the date of your wedding on the chocolates. We can even print pictures of the couple on the chocolates. The choices are as varied as your imagination! Also a number of sumptuous flavours and fillings make these chocolates not just beautiful to look at but also unbelievably delicious.

Gifts or wedding favours for guests

Our chocolate gift boxes can also be wonderful gifts for people at the wedding. Beautifully packed, printed chocolates that bear your names or the wedding date will make great reminders of the wedding. You can choose from a wide range of flavours and fillings. Our beautiful wooden boxes are custom made for each event. We offer a lot of options to customize the box to commemorate the wedding ceremony. You can also include a personal message in each box to thank your guests!

Chocolate buffet for weddings

Another fabulous idea to make your wedding unique is to have a separate chocolate buffet as a part of the wedding meal. We can create wonderful looking designs featuring an assorted variety of chocolates. Delicious soft-centered chocolates, Fine dark chocolate or even beautiful printed chocolates can all be included in this chocolate buffet. It will not only add a unique element to your wedding but also make an attractive display to attract adults and children alike.

Chocolates for different wedding ceremonies

Chocoraft printed chocolates and gift boxes can be given as takeaway gifts for all your guests in all the ceremonies leadin up to the actual wedding.. Alternatively you can serve these delicacies as a part of the menu for any event. Whether it is a Roka or engagement ceremony or a Mehandi/Sangeet ceremony Chococraft printed chocolates and gift boxes can be a wonderful to thank your guests and make the event memorable for everyone!

ChocoCraft has developed unique wedding invitations with custom printed chocolates. You can chose a theme made of printed choco-candies or the entire wedding invitation can be printed on the Chocolate bar.
The chocolates can have printed photgraphs, names and other wedding symbols.
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