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Packaging for Chocolates

At  ChocoCraft we believe that packaging is very important. We pay a great amount of attention to the way our chocolates are packed and presented. This is vital not only so that the chocolates are safe from damage but also so that these beautiful chocolates are showcased in the best possible way. For packaging options we offer a range of sturdy and elegant boxes. In case you have a specific requirement we can also work with you to design boxes.

  1. Wooden Boxes

These are the most popular as packaging options. Our wooden boxes come in two colours. One is a stylish light brown colour very similar to light coloured oak wood. The other is an elegant textured black finish. Both the boxes are made with superior quality material and bear testament to excellent craftsmanship. The visual impact they create conveys quality and elegance.


Our wooden boxes come in the following sizes:


  1. Small Boxes

These are boxes that contain 2, 4 or 6 chocolates. These boxes are compact and sturdy and can either contain individual pieces of chocolates or one chocolate bar. Our smaller boxes are very popular at occasions where they can be made give-away gifts. Occasions like trade shows or exhibitions are one example. They also make a wonderful impact as wedding or party favours. It’s a wonderful way to thank people for participating in any event.


Here are some boxes that we created for our clients:


  1. 4 Chocolate Box as a return gift at a birthday party.







  1. Two chocolate box for give-away at  an exhibition



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