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At ChocoCraft we are dedicated to making every gift truly unique. We give you the option to customise every aspect of the gift box.

Customisation options for the wooden box

1. Printing of logo/design on the box

The top of the box can feature your branding/name of the receiver or any other design


2. Message /Image on the inner lid of wooden box

The inside part of the box lid can also be used similarly for messages/greetings/ any other design. This can also be personalised for each recipient.

Message on the butter paper

The butter paper on top of the chocolates can also carry your message/greeting. Please note that this can be personalised to address each individual recipient by name.

Customised Printed Choco-Candies & Choco-bars

The Prints one choco-candies & choco-bar are customised. These can even be personalised. The prints can have any design, colours etc.

a) Choco-candies can have your logos:

b) Choco-candies can pictures / symbols::

c) Customised Printing on Choco-bar

Customisation options for the Premium box

1. Color of the Box & your logo/design on the box – the box top can be made completely according to your requirement. Colour/texture can be incorporated along with the design.

2. Message on the Acrylic - the acrylic sheet inside the box can also be used for messages/greetings/ any other design

3. Personalised card inside the box – the card placed on top of the acrylic sheet can carry your message/greeting. Please note that this can be customised to address each individual recipient by name

4. Chocolates - the chocolates themselves can have images/logos/text in a wide variety of colours

Arrangement of chocolates

1. All printed – every chocolate in the box will have prints on it

2. Alternate chocolates printed – half the chocolates in the box will have prints on them.

3. Middle row – the chocolates in the middle row will have prints on them

4. Middle chocolates printed – the chocolates in the center of the box will have prints on them

Gift wrapping & Ribbons

The chocolate box can also be gift wrapped.

Please note that the designing options are available only for bulk orders.

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